Welcome to the New Heli Scenic Website

Welcome to the new and slightly improved website.

Despite our old website serving us well over the years, it simply failed to change with the evolution of the Internet. The dialog that we maintained with our clients, customers and friends has become more and more limited as our online audience turned to other social services for information. In fact, not only has much of audience turned to other social services for information, when they do land on our website, they’re doing so on an array of devices that we previously didn’t cater for. The new responsive design means that the page will format itself based upon the device you’re using to view the information.

We’ve always wanted a mechanism to maintain regular contact with our customers and our new blog platform - in addition to this news area - provides this. In addition, tools such as Facebook and Twitter are two great micro-blogging social tools that’ll allow us to become better connected, more accountable and more social.

We’ve always had reason to communicate with our friends but the nature of our former website didn’t permit the casual banter that we’ve often craved for. To have the blog gives us the ideal platform to communicate news, ideas and product information that was never previously possible. Additionally, the blog has a comment area (like any other blog that you might read) that transforms our website into a conduit that could well affect change and innovation. Armed with a renewed online enthusiasm, we’ll be posting regularly.

The new site permits exclusive student areas, pilot resource areas as well as other advanced features that’ll you’ll see us roll out from time to time.

We’re excited about our new site and we’d appreciate feedback. So, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to post a comment.