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Piloting a helicopter is an awesome experience! Helicopters can go places and do things that no other aircraft can do. Welcome to the world of true freedom of flight! It’s not that hard to achieve with a bit of focus and commitment to learn but you’ll soon master it. If you wish to fly a helicopter privately, you can gain a Private Pilot License which will allow you fly anywhere in Australia or if you want a career as a pilot, the Commercial Pilot License is what you will need. Training is available part-time or full-time and we provide you with all the support you’ll need to succeed!

Heli Scenic Flights and Training is committed to providing the absolute highest quality of instruction while maintaining a welcoming flying club type atmosphere. Feel free to drop in and visit us anytime, there is always someone to talk to, show you our flight school and helicopter fleet and answer any questions you may have. To get you started, why not undertake a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) where you can get your hands on the controls under the supervision of one of our flight instructors. The price for the TIF is $299.00 for 30 minutes flight time but please allow 1 hour total to include the pre-flight briefing and post-flight discussion.

The Trial Instructional Flight

The Trial Instructional Flight starts in the classroom where you’ll be given a general introduction to?helicopter aerodynamics and principles of flight. The instructor will talk you through the instructional sequence and the exercises that’ll be flown in the air. Once in the helicopter, you will get the chance to fly a helicopter, take over the controls and feel what it’s like to move freely in three dimensions, all under the careful guidance of our experienced instructors.

We offer a wide range of trial options, available as gift vouchers to treat someone special… or even to treat yourself! If flying a helicopter has been a lifelong ambition or just a passing fancy, why not give it a try? This is a no obligation flight consisting of a thorough pre-flight briefing and?30 minutes in the air. If you think that 30 minutes won’t be enough to whet your appetite, we offer a 60 minute TIF option as well - just ask our friendly team. The TIF really is a great opportunity to learn the basics of helicopter flight principles and to experience the thrill of this most exciting branch of aviation.

If you choose to continue with formal flying lessons, the flight time conducted in your trial flight counts towards the minimum flight time required for licence qualification.

Gift certificates are available.

Training Aircraftr22-back

Although you can essentially fly any aircraft during your training, our preferred training helicopter is the Robinson R22. The R22 is a two-seat trainer that is very safe, easy to fly and provides for excellent visibility. It is the world’s most popular trainer by virtue of its excellent handling, simplicity and low operating costs.

The R22 provides for the perfect stepping stone into larger Robinson types such as the 4-seat R44 and 5-seat turbine-powered R66. The rationality in design makes the transition much easier than moving between helicopters built by different manufacturers. During your training, and to meet the needs of various insurance requirements put in place on the R44, it is not uncommon for commercial candidates to pay a small premium to fly the R44 for various parts of their training so that they satisfy the requirements for both aircraft… but they’ll also meet the necessary insurance needs demanded by most commercial operators.


Licence Type Summary

The choice of qualifying for either the Private or Commercial licence depends primarily on whether you intend to fly commercially. If you, at some point in the future, intend to fly for profit or reward, the latter licence is required.

Private Pilot Licence - Helicopter (PPL-H)

For a Private Pilot License – Helicopter (PPL-H) you’ll need to complete:

  • A minimum of 50 flight hours training
  • Pass a medical examination with an approved CASA Medical Examiner (Class 2 medical)
  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge in order to pass the Private Pilot Licence Theory Assessment. (2.5 hour exam on all subjects)
  • Undertake a practical flight to demonstrate your new found skill and achieve your dream of becoming a helicopter pilot!

Minimum age for the Private Pilot Licence is 17 years of age at time of your Private Pilot License Flight Assessment (end of training).

Commercial Pilot Licence – Helicopter (CPL-H)

For a Commercial Pilot License – Helicopter (CPL-H) you’ll need to complete:

  • A minimum of 125 flight hours training (or 105 hours if the last 30 hours are completed within 3 months)
  • Pass a medical examination with an approved CASA Medical Examiner (Class 1 medical)
  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge to pass seven (7) helicopter specific theory subjects and Written Assessment
  • Undertake a practical flight assessment to gain your Commercial Pilot License - Helicopter.

Minimum age for the Commercial Pilot Licence is 18 years of age at time of your Commercial Pilot License Flight Assessment (end of training).

Helicopter Pilot License Theory Knowledge

To obtain a pass in either the Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License theory written assessments you’ll need to undertake some training to understand how helicopters fly, how to navigate, the ‘road rules’ of the sky, make sure you load the aircraft correctly, understand what it can and can’t do and learn about meteorology, to name a few. This knowledge is essential to ensure you don’t get yourself into trouble! Good reasons I’m sure you’ll agree! It’s not that hard, just requires a bit of reading and practice and you’ll complete this component without too much fuss. Your instructors are here to help you through the entire process so you won’t be doing it on your own.

Heli Scenic Flights and Training students have the options of either:

  1. Self-paced Study – we can guide you on what theory books and equipment you’ll need so you can study the theory yourself
  2. Online Theory – we have an online theory course for both Private Pilot License and Commercial Pilot License which is instructor facilitated, that means the instructor sets your tasks, assesses your progress and helps you in areas you need assistance. It also allows students to connect with other students in group forums to help each other as well
  3. Classroom Theory – in-classroom theory sessions in a group environment which teaches the entire syllabus to you with an instructor present to answer any questions in real time and help you through the course

The course content for a Helicopter Pilot License (private or commercial)  is actually very interesting for a budding pilot; you’ll learn to read the weather as well as have a good practical understanding of navigation, engine operation, aerodynamics and air law. It’s designed to be practical – not difficult. Don’t forget we are always here to help you through the process!

Helicopter Ratings and Endorsements

Ratings and EndorsementsHeli Scenic Flights and Training is also able to offer various ratings and endorsements to private and commercial pilots. These ratings include:

  • Single-engine Turbine Rating (Basic Gas Turbine)
  • Sling Load / Long Line
  • NVFR (Night Visual Flight Rules)
  • Instructor Rating
  • Low Level Approval

Watch this space for additional ratings and endorsements which are currently being added to our training approvals!

For more details on our Theory Courses, Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License or Ratings and Endorsements, please call our team on 02 9708 2473 or email us at: training@heliscenic.com.au

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)


Heli Scenic Flights and Training provides Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) to enable our students to complete this safety course as part of their Private or Commercial Pilot License training. When flying in Australia and its coastal fringes, flights over water are hard to avoid so it does expose pilots and passengers to the potential of an emergency water landing. Heli Scenic Flights and Training is the only flight school in Sydney to offer the Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) course in-house for the convenience of students attending our helicopter pilot training programs. The Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) now offered by Heli Scenic is the only university certificated course available anywhere in the world and made available through Antipodean Aviation – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

The course includes an online or correspondence theory component followed by a 1 day practical (in-water) training day. The practical day is offered in Sydney nearby our base but can be conducted in Canberra or Newcastle if demand requires. Price for the Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) is $550.00 per person all inclusive.

For further details and schedules on the course, please contact our staff on 02 9708 2473 or email: training@heliscenic.com.au