Instructor Ratings now on offer

Heli Scenic Flights and Training is pleased to offer Instructor Ratings.

Part 61 allows commercial pilots to become Grade 3 instructors with as little as 250 hours.

Being an Instructor teaches you so much more than what you have learnt previously; your general flying skills become a lot better during the training. An instructor rating also allows you to gain many more hours with your ability to now work as a trainer in the airwork category.

Our CFI and Chief pilot Mark is well recognised as a great Instructor trainer and is always willing to pass on his 3500+ hours of mainly instructor flying knowledge to his students - I should know I was one of his Commercial and then Instructor students!

If you are looking for a challenge and enjoy passing on your skills - an Instructor rating may be a great way to boost those log book hours!

Call or drop in for a chat about what may be a great addition to your skill set in the future.