Heli Scenic Helicopter Flight Instructor Rating

Heli Scenic Flights and Training offers Helicopter Instructor Ratings under the new PART 61 licensing rules which allows commercial pilots to undertake a Grade 3 Instructor Rating course with 250 flight hours. The previous rules required candidates for the first level of an Instructor Rating, a Grade 2, to have 400 flight hours on completion of the Instructor Rating Course.

Being a Helicopter Flight Instructor allows you to maintain a high level of theory knowledge and to hone your flight skills through regular flying with students. Many pilots use this pathway as a means to build experience and flight hours quickly so they can move on to other work or for those who enjoy teaching, the commencement of their chosen career.

If you are looking for a challenge and enjoy passing on your skills – a Helicopter Flight Instructor Rating is for you!

Come on in and speak to one of our friendly Instructors or contact us on 02 9708 2473 or email: training@heliscenic.com.au