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The Heli Scenic Fleet

Heli Scenic prides itself on clean, immaculately maintained aircraft. You’ll always find them clean, washed and tidy.

Robinson R22

The Robinson R22 helicopter is a popular aircraft type worldwide and is commonly used for flight training but is also renowned for its use in aerial mustering of livestock. It is a 2 seat helicopter and is the most affordable helicopter for the pilot training role but can also be used for aerial photography and for scenic flights where there is only one passenger. It is also one of the most reliable helicopters in the world and prepares pilots with the skills they will need to master the larger helicopters they may fly in the future, such as the 4 seat version, Robinson R44.

Robinson R44

The Robinson R44 is a very popular helicopter within the aviation industry and is used in many different roles such as private ownership, scenic flights, aerial photography and filming, police air operations, aerial surveillance, electronic news gathering (ENG) and of course, pilot training. It is a 4 seat helicopter and is used as our primary scenic flight helicopter. Each passenger is guaranteed a window seat and with large windows and unobstructed cabin, you are sure to fully appreciate each flight and the spectacular views.

Bell 206 Jetranger

The Bell 206 Jetranger is a reliable workhorse of the aviation industry. It is a turbine (jet) powered helicopter with 5 seats total. This helicopter is used for numerous tasks including scenic flights, aerial filming and photography, VIP transport and charter, aerial survey, aerial agriculture (spraying), cargo lift or aerial crane operations with use of the cargo hook underneath the helicopter, aerial survey including powerline inspections, aerial fire fighting and class/type rating training for pilots. This aircraft is certainly one of the most versatile and reliable helicopters the industry has ever seen.

AS350 Squirrel

The Airbus Helicopters AS350 Squirrel helicopter is a turbine powered helicopter with a total of 6 seats. It is used extensively around the world in roles such as, Emergency Medical / Search and Rescue operations, Police Air Operations, Aerial Fire Fighting, Electronic News Gathering (ENG), scenic flights, aerial agriculture (spraying), powerline operations, private ownership and of course, pilot training.

Bell 47

The Bell 47 helicopter is a classic aircraft, most widely known worldwide as the type used in the television show, M.A.S.H. based on the Korean War where it was first used as a medical evacuation helicopter of injured soldiers from the front line to Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals. It is a 3 seat helicopter with unobstructed views through its ‘bubble window’. Since proving itself as a useful helicopter on the battlefield since the 1940’s and during the Korean War in the 1950’s it has been used for livestock mustering, pilot training, scenic flights, aerial agriculture (spraying) and aerial lifting to name a few. This helicopter is one that most pilots have on their list of helicopters they want to fly due to its place in the history books. A true classic aircraft.