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Heli Scenic Helicopter Flight Instructor Rating

Heli Scenic Flights and Training offers Helicopter Instructor Ratings under the new PART 61 licensing rules which allows commercial pilots to undertake a Grade 3 Instructor Rating course with 250 flight hours. The previous rules required candidates for the first level of an Instructor Rating, a Grade 2, to have 400 flight hours on completion of the Instructor Rating Course.

Being a Helicopter Flight Instructor allows you to maintain a high level of theory knowledge and to hone your flight skills through regular flying with students. Many pilots use this pathway as a means to build experience and flight hours quickly so they can move on to other work or for those who enjoy teaching, the commencement of their chosen career.

If you are looking for a challenge and enjoy passing on your skills – a Helicopter Flight Instructor Rating is for you!

Come on in and speak to one of our friendly Instructors or contact us on 02 9708 2473 or email: training@heliscenic.com.au


Heli Scenic teams with Harbour Jet and Luddenham Raceway for Sydney’s “Adrenalin Triple Pass”

Heli Scenic Flights and Training has signed a long term teaming agreement with Harbour Jet and Luddenham Raceway to provide customers with an awesome adrenalin package and a unique way to do something in Sydney by Sea, Air and Land! Harbour Jet, Sydney brings the most awesome Jet Boat experience on Sydney Harbour to this unique Adrenalin Triple Pass.

Luddenham Raceway allows participants to enjoy the thrills of Go-Karting at Sydney’s best Go-Karting facility whilst Heli Scenic Flights and Training provide a Helicopter Flight (two price options, either Warragamba Dam local flight – OR – Sydney Harbour Flight) to round out the Adrenalin Triple Pass offer.

As the warmer months are coming, why not experience the thrills of the helicopter flight with ‘Doors Off’! Are you game?

For more details, go to our Adrenalin Triple Pass webpage or contact our staff on 02 9708 2473 or email: info@heliscenic.com.au


Heli Scenic commences Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)

Heli Scenic Flights and Training has now commenced Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) to enable our students to complete this safety course as part of their Private or Commercial Pilot License training.

With most scenic flights and training from Sydney including some flight sectors over Sydney’s beautiful waterways, it does expose pilots and passengers to the potential of an emergency water landing. Heli Scenic Flights and Training is the only flight school in Sydney to offer this course in-house for the convenience of students attending our helicopter pilot training programs.

The Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) now offered by Heli Scenic is the only university certificated course available anywhere in the world and made available through Antipodean Aviation – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

For further details and schedules on the course, please contact our staff on 02 9708 2473 or email: training@heliscenic.com.au


Instructor Ratings now on offer

Heli Scenic Flights and Training is pleased to offer Instructor Ratings.

Part 61 allows commercial pilots to become Grade 3 instructors with as little as 250 hours.

Being an Instructor teaches you so much more than what you have learnt previously; your general flying skills become a lot better during the training. An instructor rating also allows you to gain many more hours with your ability to now work as a trainer in the airwork category.

Our CFI and Chief pilot Mark is well recognised as a great Instructor trainer and is always willing to pass on his 3500+ hours of mainly instructor flying knowledge to his students - I should know I was one of his Commercial and then Instructor students!

If you are looking for a challenge and enjoy passing on your skills - an Instructor rating may be a great way to boost those log book hours!

Call or drop in for a chat about what may be a great addition to your skill set in the future.




Robinson 22 and 66 - New Arrivals!


Heli Scenic Flights and Training now has the use of a new Robinson R66 and a R22.

If you are looking for that extra seat or your first turbine endorsement, come and take a look at the Robinson R66. The “66” is an economical turbine to operate and is an easy transition for those familiar with Robinsons.

Our new R22 is a new addition to our training fleet and features the new ADS-B transponder which allows ATC to see your rego, height and speed.

Both helicopters are available now for hire.

If you would like to take a flight give the hanger a call or drop in for a look.



A quiet change and major achievement……….

In the past few weeks, Heli Scenic Flights and Training has been undergoing some quiet change, so much so the achievements of some have come and gone with little fanfare. Well, its time to announce the BIG news!

Heli Scenic Flights and Training is pleased to announce that Mark Foster our beloved Grade 1 instructor is now our Chief Flying Instructor and Chief Pilot. There is need for accolade for someone to achieve either post, however “Foz” has taken on both positions at the same time.

Matt our company Director (and owner), along with wife Julie remain committed as usual to the business and nurturing its success. Matt needed to hand over some of his responsibilities he held when we were a small heli business to allow the business to grow bigger and stronger and focus on his main occupation as an offshore multi engine Captain with CHC.

Matt will now spend time in Heli Scenic running the business, being one of our Grade 1 instructors and imparting his abundance of skills and knowledge from his “BIG HELI ” job to our team and students alike, an asset that many schools just don’t have.

We wish Mark every success in his new roles and look forward to Matt and Julie being able to take time to grow the business and sharing their extensive experience and skills that many pilots aspire to in their helicopter career.



Theory Classes - General Knowledge and Operations, Performance and Planning


Heli Scenic Flights and Training is now running theory classes two nights a week. Yes, you heard right. Monday night is AGK (Aircraft General Knowledge) and Wednesday evening is Operations, Performance and Planning.

These two classes are run free for our students and are for private and commercial pilot students alike, both are run at 6.30pm for a 7pm start and generally run till around 9.30pm.

If your not a student with us, contact Paul and he will be able to offer a very competitive rate for non students of the school - the more the merrier, as they say!

These courses have proven very successful and it is the fourth time we have offered these theory classes with great success.

One on one sessions can be arranged at any time, just let Paul know when you’re available and he’ll book you in.

Hope to see some new faces soon.


Danny - not far to go now…

Friday 22nd August saw out youngest student Danny attempt his CPL Navigation exam.

Danny did so well after attending our regular theory classes and came away with a score of 88% - well done Danny - so proud of your commitment and achievements to date. Danny is in the last stages of his commercial Helicopter license, he only has two exams and a few hours of flying to go.

Keep up the study and hard work Danny and we look forward to having you join the charter pilot team!


A weekend full of Flight Tests - WOW what an achievement!

August 2,3 and 4, Heli Scenic Flights and Training was abuzz with the need for weather forecasts, flight plans and last minute questions on helicopters. This was the beginning of three days of tests.

First up was our Instructor Ed, who was renewing his Instructor Rating. Ed’s brief was confined areas. And he briefed and flew like a seasoned instructor - like he is! Ed is now ready for you to come in and do some training with him at any time, just give us a call and book in.

Sunday saw the arrival of Marty who was being tested by Gordon for his commercial license, although nervous, Marty was prepared and worked his way through theory on the ground and then had his flight plan ready for his flight test. Gordon acknowledged his work to date and commented favourably on his theory and flying abilities. Well done Marty! Marty will now commence some further training in our Robinson 44’s in preparation for his work as a commercial pilot with us at Heli Scenic.

Monday saw the arrival of one of our PPL students Joe. Joe hails from out west and has been taught by Paul in his home town of Baradine NSW before spending a few weeks flying in the” big smoke” of Bankstown to get some further training and class D exposure. Joe passed his PPL test in our Robinson 22, however he is off to open the shed and get his beloved Bell 47 out for the first time in many years and get his endorsement. In the coming weeks the Bell 47 will undergo some maintenance and be ready for the arrival of Fitzy to do his endorsement. Fitzy works as a check and trainer for a large heli company and has many hours in the Bell 47. Heli Scenic wishes Joe and Jill all the best and many happy flying hours in their beloved Bell helicopter.


Welcome to the New Heli Scenic Website

Welcome to the new and slightly improved website.

Despite our old website serving us well over the years, it simply failed to change with the evolution of the Internet. The dialog that we maintained with our clients, customers and friends has become more and more limited as our online audience turned to other social services for information. In fact, not only has much of audience turned to other social services for information, when they do land on our website, they’re doing so on an array of devices that we previously didn’t cater for. The new responsive design means that the page will format itself based upon the device you’re using to view the information.

We’ve always wanted a mechanism to maintain regular contact with our customers and our new blog platform - in addition to this news area - provides this. In addition, tools such as Facebook and Twitter are two great micro-blogging social tools that’ll allow us to become better connected, more accountable and more social.

We’ve always had reason to communicate with our friends but the nature of our former website didn’t permit the casual banter that we’ve often craved for. To have the blog gives us the ideal platform to communicate news, ideas and product information that was never previously possible. Additionally, the blog has a comment area (like any other blog that you might read) that transforms our website into a conduit that could well affect change and innovation. Armed with a renewed online enthusiasm, we’ll be posting regularly.

The new site permits exclusive student areas, pilot resource areas as well as other advanced features that’ll you’ll see us roll out from time to time.

We’re excited about our new site and we’d appreciate feedback. So, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to post a comment.