A weekend full of Flight Tests - WOW what an achievement!

August 2,3 and 4, Heli Scenic Flights and Training was abuzz with the need for weather forecasts, flight plans and last minute questions on helicopters. This was the beginning of three days of tests.

First up was our Instructor Ed, who was renewing his Instructor Rating. Ed’s brief was confined areas. And he briefed and flew like a seasoned instructor - like he is! Ed is now ready for you to come in and do some training with him at any time, just give us a call and book in.

Sunday saw the arrival of Marty who was being tested by Gordon for his commercial license, although nervous, Marty was prepared and worked his way through theory on the ground and then had his flight plan ready for his flight test. Gordon acknowledged his work to date and commented favourably on his theory and flying abilities. Well done Marty! Marty will now commence some further training in our Robinson 44’s in preparation for his work as a commercial pilot with us at Heli Scenic.

Monday saw the arrival of one of our PPL students Joe. Joe hails from out west and has been taught by Paul in his home town of Baradine NSW before spending a few weeks flying in the” big smoke” of Bankstown to get some further training and class D exposure. Joe passed his PPL test in our Robinson 22, however he is off to open the shed and get his beloved Bell 47 out for the first time in many years and get his endorsement. In the coming weeks the Bell 47 will undergo some maintenance and be ready for the arrival of Fitzy to do his endorsement. Fitzy works as a check and trainer for a large heli company and has many hours in the Bell 47. Heli Scenic wishes Joe and Jill all the best and many happy flying hours in their beloved Bell helicopter.