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Scenic Flights over Sydney

Heli Scenic conducts scenic flights over Sydney Harbour and surrounding areas for between 1 and 5 passengers. Call us now for an unforgettable experience.

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Learn to Fly Helicopters

Private and Commercial Flight Training

For a career in aviation as a commercial helicopter pilot or to enjoy recreational flying with a private licence, Heli Scenic has tailored programs for all licence levels.

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Helicopter Scenic Flights, Tours and Services

Helicopter Scenic Flights

Heli Scenic Flights and Training offers a choice of helicopter joy flights over the most beautiful city in the world! Flights vary in duration and route to fit your budget so that you are able to experience the thrill of helicopter flight to suit you! Heli Scenic Flights and Training offers a FREE transfer for those staying in Sydney as a quest at one of Sydney’s world class hotels (location conditions apply) and will return you after your flight experience.

Helicopter Charters

Heli Scenic Flights and Training provides Helicopter Charter services for your event or special occasion! We provide Corporate Group transport from Sydney to the Central West, Hunter Valley and Canberra, Wedding party arrivals or your own private flight to the destination of your choice such as a Fly/Lunch tour.

Aerial Photography

At Heli Scenic Flights and Training we also offer professional photography services. You can use your own camera operator or we can provide one of our professionals to ensure you get the best photograph of your building development, property, home or anything else requiring an aerial photograph. Contact us to discuss your requirements!

Helicopter Pilot Training

Heli Scenic Flights and Training also provides world-class Private and Commercial Pilot License Training from our base in Sydney. We also offer additional approvals such as Night VFR and Instructor Ratings. If your dream is to fly a helicopter privately or as a career, come on in and talk to our staff who can help you on your journey! Worried about whether or not you will be able to do it? Why not try our Trial Introductory Flights (TIF) and find out for yourself!

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Heli Scenic Flights and Training offers Helicopter Instructor Ratings under the new PART 61 licensing rules which allows commercial pilots to undertake a Grade 3 Instructor Rating course with 250 flight hours. The previous rules required candidates for the first level of an Instructor Rating, a Grade 2, to have 400 flight hours on completion […]

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Heli Scenic Flights and Training has signed a long term teaming agreement with Harbour Jet and Luddenham Raceway to provide customers with an awesome adrenalin package and a unique way to do something in Sydney by Sea, Air and Land! Harbour Jet, Sydney brings the most awesome Jet Boat experience on Sydney Harbour to this […]

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Heli Scenic Flights and Training has now commenced Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) to enable our students to complete this safety course as part of their Private or Commercial Pilot License training. With most scenic flights and training from Sydney including some flight sectors over Sydney’s beautiful waterways, it does expose pilots and passengers to […]

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